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Create industry-leading results using human behavior science.

"Your company is perfectly designed to get the results it is currently getting."

—adapted from W. Edwards Deming

Utilize the science of human behavior to give your company the advantage.

The reason most efforts to improve performance don’t deliver results is they focus on training, not behavior change. The natural human desire is to resist change, at all costs. Even when results are proven to be better, our physiology, that survival mechanism locked away in our brains, keeps people from moving forward. Industry Leading Results can help give you the competitive edge to set records in your industry.

Hire and Build More Industry-Leading Performers

Hiring & Retention

Our process, based on the science of human behavior, helps companies systematically hire and build more peak performing employees, leaders and teams.

Benefits of Behavior Science in Hiring...

Find out how we can help you hire and retain top-performers...

“Our track record for hiring people who would be successful was awful. Before working with Jim Connolly, my personal success rate was 1 for 9. I would have been better off flipping a coin. With Jim Connolly’s help, our track record is now 6 for 6 and all 6 have been with us 1 – 7 years and are performing well.”

Managing Partner
Commercial Real Estate Broker

Create a company structure, processes and culture that create industry-leading organizational habits

Structure & Culture

Using 30+ years of experience helping companies, we will develop an organizational structure and the processes to support a top- performing culture.

Benefits of Behavior Science in Organizations...

Find out how to implement the right changes and make them stick...

“I choose outside guidance with great care. Jim is an expert and he delivers results. He earned our business and delivered the results he promised. Our leaders are more effective and our leadership team is working together better than ever before. Jim has become a trusted advisor for our company.”

Dave Van Laar
Oak State Products, CEO

Improve Sales and Profitability

Sales & Performance

The result is record setting and, eventually, industry-leading results. The ultimate goal is building competitive advantage that can’t be matched.

Benefits of Behavior Science in Sales...

Find out how we can help you increase your sales and market share...

“Sales increased by 31% in the first 12 months after Jim Connolly worked with our sales team.”

CEO of a $41 million family-owned business

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Bring Industry Leading Results On-Site Today!


  • An entertaining session about how human behavior really works.


1.5-3 HOURS
  • An interactive session that equips participants with better tools to solve the challenge your business is facing.


  • Improve company performance in a specific area - we're on the job until performance has improved.

5 Overlooked Insights to Improve Company Performance

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