Frustrated by Performance Below Expectations?

Are You Asking Any of These Questions About Your Company?

  • “Why hasn’t performance improved? We’ve tried everything.”
  • “Why are employees so resistant to the changes we have to make to survive and grow – even small changes?”
  • “How did we end up with a “C” player employee when he acted like an “A” player during the interview?”
  • “Why are “A” players leaving us while the “C” players seem perfectly satisfied to stay on our payroll?”
  • “I’m tired of it. How do we bust through our culture of entitlement, complacency and excuses?”
  • “What are these challenges costing us each year?”

The Problem: Performance Below Expectations

  • Employee and or team performance below expectations costs companies millions of dollars each year.
  • Most employee and team performance issues are symptoms of the real underlying root cause(s).
  • Most efforts to improve performance – weekly progress meetings, training, leadership tactics, increased accountability, team building, assessments, etc. – repeatedly fail to improve performance. Why?

What’s the “Secret” to Improving Employee and Team Performance?

  • Top performing companies systematically hire and build more than their “fair share” of top performing employees and teams. How?
  • Top performing companies have an overlooked competitive advantage – they understand the psychology of how human behavior actually works.
  • Every dollar gained from improving employee or team performance drops directly to the bottom line.
  • Solutions that are successful are based on behavior change, not training. Training won’t improve performance below expectation. Only improved performance (behavior change) improves results.

The “Secret?” Use Knowledge and Tools Your Competitors Have Overlooked

The truth is we all know some things about how human behavior works. The companies that learn and apply these simple and practical next level insights improve their operational and financial results, sometimes dramatically.